My Vision

My Vision

Ward 9 Community Involvement Plan

As residents and taxpayers, you have the right to know how your tax dollars are being spent and what benefits and services those tax dollars bring to Ward 9.

I propose a comprehensive and transparent Community Involvement Plan that would identify and promote the needs residents of Ward 9, including:

– More community centers, public spaces, and indoor activity areas.

– Community safety

– Promoting and incentivising small business growth in Ward 9 

– Environmental awareness, preservation and beautification of green spaces, and promoting canopy distribution throughout the Ward

– Working with construction developers to promote growth, business development, and environmental awareness.

Housing Attainability

Council has targeted 3000 new affordable housing units by 2026 but the number of Londoners on the waiting list is over 6000. As an owner of a construction company, I am unfortunately familiar with the lack of knowledge and vision of this current council on the issue of housing.

We need to promote building new and affordable housing by:

– Eliminating the red-tape bureaucracy and making it easier for developers and homeowners to convert single-family homes into multi units, as well as build new housing units.

– Incentivise developers to include more affordable housing in their new developments.

– Push vacant properties back into the market.

– Adjust the current housing plan and ensure that our target goals will be sufficient to meet demand.

– Commit a portion of space in London’s urban growth boundary to building smaller, affordable units instead of larger single family homes.

– Currently, houses are being built outside of London at a rapid pace. Yet those homeowners will still use our roads and infrastructure to get to work and school. This will be a strain on our services and therefore resulting in a tax burden on Londoners without getting anything in return. Making the necessary changes to allow those homes to be built in London will result in an increased tax base, and therefore lower property taxes for Londoners.


The results of climate change will only get worse if these issues are not addressed. Climate change is also a local matter and there are simple solutions to alleviate the problem. I am committed to investing in green initiatives such as increasing cycling infrastructure, tree planting in neighbourhoods to increase London’s canopy coverage, green housing retrofitting, and environmentally sustainable developments like West 5.

Public Safety

Hire 52 new police officers as recommended by London’s Police Association, enforce local by-laws, provide proper support and services in our community to decrease drug use and eliminate tent cities in our parks.


Property Taxes

The cost of living in London is high, especially with the increase in housing costs, gas prices, and inflation. It costs more to heat your home, feed your family, and drive to work. If elected, I commit to finding alternative cost saving measures and promote careful examination of the city’s funding plans in order to ensure that London maintains a high standard of public services while silmountantesouly ensuring that we alleviate the property tax anxiety faced by many home-owners.

Rapid housing development just outside of London puts a strain on our infrastructure and ability to provide public services. This means higher property taxes for Londoners in order to maintain our infrastructure and services because communities outside of London do not contribute property taxes to London, yet still use our infrastructure on their way to work and school. We need to incentivize growth in our community in order to share the tax burden, and therefore keeping property taxes low for Londoners