Mario Jozic

About Me

Since arriving in London at age 10, I have been very fortunate to call the Forest City my
home. After graduating from Catholic Central High School, I went to the University of
Western Ontario and achieved a Master’s Degree in Economics and Political Theory.
During my early years, I came to recognize London as a city of growth, renewal,
community support, and opportunity.
Since then, I have been actively involved in the community through business ventures
and charitable programs. After opening the London Wine Bar in 2015 and a
construction company in 2016, I was fortunate enough to meet Londoners from all walks
of life and truly appreciate the diversity of this city. Although London is a modern and
vibrant city, we face many challenges including poverty, homelessness, lack of attainable
housing, and a clear vision for the city.
In 2020, I started a program through the London Wine Bar called “Feed the Front Line
Workers.” We accepted donations from Londoners and brought meals to various
organizations throughout the city, including hospital staff, Men’s Mission, Ronald
McDonald House, nursing homes, and more! We have delivered thousands of meals
throughout the city since we started the programs. The overwhelming generosity of
Londoners and their willingness to support their community made me realize that, with
the right leadership, we have all the tools necessary to face the challenges ahead of us,
while simultaneously promoting and growing so many aspects that make London such a
wonderful city to live in.
My vision for London requires leadership that is ready to acknowledge the challenges
that face us now, and in the future. Councillors need to be held more accountable and
decision-making should closely reflect the needs of our neighbourhoods.